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Ki-SUR-DiA-11 MOELTGEN Goniomete KAX Clear Corneal Cataract instr Ki-SUR-FOR-9 HARTMANN Alligator Ki-SUR-DiA-3 BUCK Percussion Ham Ki-SUR-DiA-20 POOLE Suction Tube Penlight Neurosurgical Bone Instruments T Ki-DEN-SCA-1 Towner-Jacquette Si Ki-DEN-SCA-2 McCall Sickle Scale MAGILL Suction Tube 24 Ki-SUR-DiA-15 DeBAKEY Suction Tu Eye Enucleation Ki-SUR-DiA-13 ANDREW-PYNCHON Suc Ki-SUR-NH-1 MAYO-HEGAR Needle Ho HALSTED MOSQUITO Hemostat Forcep Ki-SUR-FOR-10 HALSTED MOSQUITO H Ki-SUR-DiA-25 FINSTERER Suction Locking Ratchet Ki-SUR-NH-4 MAYO-HEGAR Needle Ho BABINSKI Percussion Hammer Ki-SUR-NH-3 MAYO-HEGAR Needle Ho Backhaus Towel Clamp 4 3 KAX Eye Muscle Surgery Kit Ki-SUR-DiA-16 DeBAKEY Suction Tu Ki-DEN-FOR-1 MARIAM College Dres Basic Eye Set LISTON Bone Cutting Forceps Ki-SUR-DiA-26 NUBOER Suction and Ki-SUR-FOR-3 ALLIS Tissue Forcep KAX Glaucoma Instruments Kit Neurosurgical Shunt Instruments Bone and Plaster Saw Angled Ki-SUR-DiA-21 POOLE Suction Tube Ki-SUR-DiA-14 DeBAKEY Suction Tu Ki-SUR-FOR-4 KELLY Hemostatic Fo Engel Plaster Cast Saw Ki-SUR-DiA-12 WARTENBERG Pinwhee Ki-DEN-RTR-1 MINNESOTA Cheek Ret TAYLOR Neurological Reflex Hamme Ki-SUR-FOR-2 CRILE-RANKIN Hemost Ki-SUR-SCi-4 SPENCER Stitch Scis Ki-SUR-DiA-10 BERTILLON Cephalom Aspirating Anesthetic Syringe 1. KAX Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) Ki-SUR-SCi-3 DEAVER Operating Sc KELLY Hemostatic Forceps 5.5 inc Curved 0 mm with Stylet Ki-SUR-DiA-22 POOLE Suction Tube 0 mm LOWMAN Bone Holding Clamp Chakra Tuning Forks set of 5 Ins METZENBAUM Dissecting Scissors S Endo Explorer Double Ended DG16/ Ki-SUR-DiA-23 WALTON YANKAUER Su Vitrectomy Instruments Kit Cervical Spine Retractor System Hegemann DIETRICH Vascular Sciss HARTMANN Alligator ENT Forceps 5 KAX Retinal Detachment Kit KAX Cataract Removal instruments DeBakey Derra Clamp Ki-SUR-FOR-1 Foerster-Ballenger Ki-SUR-NH-2 MATHIEU Needle Holde Craniotomy Instruments Kit Thumb Dressing and Dissecting Fo Chakra Tuning Forks Ki-SUR-DiA-24 YANKAUER Suction T 5 mm KAX Oculoplastic Instruments Kit Ki-SUR-DiA-27 NUBOER Suction and Articulating Paper Thin Red 10 b Myringotomy Instruments Kit Verbrugge Bone Holding Forceps White LED Penlight for Medical u BERLINER Percussion Hammer Minor Surgery Laceration and Sut 5 cm - Suction Tip 3 DIETRICH Vascular Scissors Tuning Forks Ki-SUR-DiA-8 TRAUBE Percussion H Rhoton Neurological Micro Instru Ki-SUR-SCi-2 IRIS Scissors 4.5 i Ki-SUR-SCi-1 SuperCut Mayo Disse Ki-SUR-FOR-8 BACKHAUS Towel Clip
Otology Instruments

Otology Instruments

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  • Alligator Forceps

    Alligator Forceps

  • Tuning Forks

    A tuning fork is an acoustic resonator in the form of a two-pronged fork with the prongs (tines) formed from a U-shaped bar of elastic metal (usually steel or aluminum). It resonates at a specific constant pitch when set vibrating by striking it against a surface or with an object, and emits a pure musical tone after waiting a moment to allow some high overtones to die out.