• Introducing KAX Color Surgical Instruments

    Introducing Color Surgical Instruments™


About us

Our company

KAX instruments is a medical device company offering a comprehensive line of general and specialty surgical instruments to healthcare providers worldwide.

Our Product Range

KAX instruments pin and wire cutter

We offer innovative solutions in the supply of:

Abdomen, Obstetrical and Gynecology Instruments
Gynecology Instruments
- Liver, Gall Bladder, Kidney & Urology Instruments
- Stomach, Intestine & Rectum Instruments

Cardiovascular, Neurosurgical and Ophthalmic Instruments
Neurosurgical and Laminectomy Instruments
- Ophthalmic Instruments
- Thorax & Cardiovascular

Dental Instruments
Diagnostic Instruments
Endodontic Instruments
Extraction Instruments
- Orthodontics Instruments 
Periodontal Instruments
Restorative Instruments
 Surgical Instruments

Diagnostics and Anesthesia
Anesthesia Instruments
Diagnostic and Measuring Instruments

ENT, Tonsillectomy and Tracheotomy Instruments
- Oral Surgery Instruments - Maxillofacial Instruments
Otology Instruments
Rhinology Instruments
- Tonsillectomy and Laryngobronchoscopy
- Tracheotomy Instruments

General Surgical Instruments
Artery Forceps and Hemostats
- Dressing Instruments
Forceps - Surgical Forceps - Medical Forceps
- Needle Holders Needle Drivers 
- Probes, Cotton Applicators and Spatulas
- Retractors Surgical Instruments
Sponge Forceps
Scalpel Blade Holders
- Surgical Suture Instruments
- Trocars, Suction Tubes and Cannulas

Holloware and Sterilization Instruments
- Hospital Holloware
- Sterilization Instruments and Sterile Container System

Surgical Instrument Kits, Trays, Sets, Procedural Packs and Ancillary Items
Basic Eye Set
Cataract Removal Kit
Clear Corneal Cataract Kit
- Craniotomy Instruments Kit
Dacryocystorhinostomy (Dcr) Instruments Kit
Eye Enucleation Instruments Kit
Eye Muscle Surgery Kit
Glaucoma Instruments Kit
Myringotomy Instruments Kit
Neurosurgical Bone Instruments Tray
Neurosurgical Shunt Instruments Kit
Oculoplastic Instruments Kit
Retinal Detachment Kit
Rhoton Neurological Micro Instruments Kit
Vitrectomy Instruments Kit

Trauma, Dermatology and Podiatry
- Dermatology Instruments
Orthopedics Instruments
- Podiatry Instruments
- Skin Grafting Instruments

Terms and Conditions

“To supply high quality surgical instruments and medical products. We aim to provide our goods on time and maintain our reputation.

“On our comprehensive range of Single use and Reusable; all instruments and devices for Sale include a Lifetime Guarantee and 59-Day warranty unless otherwise stated."

Our online catalog has a limited number of products. In order to receive the full version of the Surgical Instrument catalog E-mail us at: INFO@KAX.US or call us at: +1-224-425-7408